16 December 2010


It was hot and I wore short sleeves and you wore your short skirts
Run through the forest singing songs and snapping photos
And it smells like young love and old home
I am not as I once was, lie to me if you will
Any old old lie will do

Come back home darling, come back home
Call me your own, come back home darling
Come back home, call me your own

Because everyone I love is either
leaving or dying
All we are doing is either
laughing or crying
All the time
Since you're gone now

Smells like young love and kisses with chapstick
This is a dangerous thing we do
I don't care about anything else when I'm with you
Come back home love, call me your own once more 

I heard you singing through the gaps in the flowers
Two teeth are clinging they split down the middle
I saw you dancing, then through that crevasse
And now in my head you are all that I think about.
I can almost just smell you, smell you right here, right now

Smells like the sun when it kisses your neck
Smells like your hair in the early autumn wind
Smells like your eyes and the early spring storms
Smells like your hands forming balls out of snow

Come back home love, call me your own once more. 

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