03 May 2011

birds on the balcony

sun, it rises- sun, it sets
tapdancing the horizon in silhouettes 
the cold turns to warmth and the dew is alive
and the birds lay their eggs on the balcony

sun, it rises- sun, it sets
the moon- it lied, the stars- they wept
galaxies collide and the strings theorize 
as if the end would now come to us peacefully

so the moon, oh it lied,
and my eyes are peeled wide,
and the bright end of time, it is glistening
no it's dark and it's bare,
and if anyone's there,
I just want to make sure someone's listening

sun, it rises- sun, it sets
i danced all along with a silhouette 
all the love, yes it died, but at least one survived
and the other, he jumped off the balcony

and the stars still collide
and the queen's canonized
and the love that you wrote was a myth,
but the words from inside,
spell out in the sky,
"there's just someone that i'd rather be with"