27 August 2010

sleeping speaking sheets

your hands, are small in comparison
they fit, so nicely inside of mine

your fingers, alternating between every one
they are oceans flooding the valleys
separating every bony mountain

looking back, i think i took them for granted
and i still dream about you often
i still hear you when i'm sleeping
slurred and sleepy language

i hold my hands on the sides of your face
for some reason i like how it feels
you fit perfectly in between them
and i don't know, i like it a lot

and i miss your messy curls
and rainy spring and summer days
and missing you
i miss that too

i have, a hole in my heart which used to be empty
but now you, have made residence in my soul

you are like an expensive instrument
piano keys for teeth
and then i left
and you were fast asleep,
tangled in the sheets
tangoing with our feet

and on the way home i could've sworn
it was all a dream.

(and it didn't happen to me)

25 August 2010

old bones

old bones reek like fermaldehyde
do you have a throat?
do you even have a soul? 
(i don't even know.)
stay calm
(this generation is a nervous one)
and they will tear you to shreds
leave you for dead

your god may have put the words on your tongue
but he didn't put the gun in your hand, no
nor did he put the shovel in your hand; in the ground
or did he maybe
just maybe give you false eyes to see it
bred with false eyes to believe it
born and raised, yeah?
born and raised, yeah
what did i say?
you'll only find things you don't want to see
don't dig up old bones
don't dig up old bones
you'll only find things you don't want to see
this is the last chance you get
yeah we both know we're both gonna die
we both know we're both gonna die
we both know we're both gonna die
(if i die first, don't dig up my old bones)

23 August 2010

captain quarter-note and the digital snare

"you know, time goes by fast like rain. it swallows your every sound, from whisper to icy howl. good luck trying to be someone, if you make it then you've won, you'll grow up to be someone. i can't go without you. no, I need to have you. have you met someone? have you touched the bottom? the weather is like you, third time's a charm...we all make mistakes once in a while."
- mew, "hawaii" 


soft sheets
we were young, we got seasick
my street
in foreign tongues, they drooled and dripped
onto the concrete
near my bare feet

fuck this off beat
in quarter notes and sixteenths
in seven eighths, and thirteen eighth meter
made my head spin
we were young and left heart sick

we were dumb and left homesick

ain't it sweet outside?
the april air reminds me of
not being worried, and escaping shaky hands

your kisses made me calm
like you were breathing air into my lungs,
every time our lips locked.

soft sheets,
we were young , we got seasick.

no birds, no birds, no birds; no birds, no birds (no birds)

there are certain days
when i wonder if i'll ever be the same
if i'll ever feel that way again
and when
your face reminds me of the moonlight
i start to hate even being out at night
and then
there are times when the moonlight reminds me of your face
and standing in the street
walking you to your car
and i'm barely breathing
and no, i am not kidding
and then i blame you for making me hate myself
and then i can't ever be in your state without blaming myself
and no birds found their way to me
no birds found their way to me
no birds found their way to me
no birds found their way to me
no birds found their way to me
no birds found their way to me
no birds found their way
no birds found
no birds
no birds found there way to me,


17 August 2010

15 August 2010

centuries asleep, and the finally awake

it's so lovely to finally meet you
you've ran a bit late, i am afraid to say
but that's quite alright
we've got plenty of night left to unravel,
and this quiet curious wonder
to sew into blankets to sleep next to you under
waiting near the window for the approaching loud clap of thunder
or a kiss, we can keep it soft
like a fog, or a bellowing cough
in a quiet movie theater that can't be suppressed 
you told me you weren't easily impressed
that i was growing on you
perhaps it could be,
and you were growing on me
like the moss on the trees
i really like you
and i hope you like me too
and your kiss is like an early summer night
with a hundred fireworks exploding,
and just then everything is alright. 
if you let me, i'll keep holding
if only for a moment
like something force-fed,
like drugs to the dear youth
and that's as close as i can get
i'm gonna stay awake for you

06 August 2010

and all of my friends will try and say

I've been terribly slacking at my blogging these days. So I figured that I'd hop on the blogger train and start anew.

Anyway. Here's something I wrote.