08 December 2010

distant galaxies and daydreams

Do you ever wonder what happens to thoughts we have, when we are done thinking them?
Or the words we say when we have finished saying them?
Do they just disappear?
Do you think they trail off and form clouds?
Maybe the sound waves float up through our atmosphere and right off our great big green planet
I think that they do
I think they float off the Earth
and travel throughout space for millions or trillions of light years, or what have you
and then in millions or trillions or billions of Earth years, or what have you
they will reach far away galaxies, finally
only stopping in for a moment and then fleeting onwards yet again
Perhaps some being on a planet much like ours
3.5 billion years from now will be standing in their space kitchens
cooking space dinner
and through a breeze in the window
a whisper grazes the side of their head
"i love you"
Maybe it makes their day.

Maybe the sound waves stop
and form a gigantic bubble of every thought ever had,
every word ever spoken
every love ever loved,
every clap and kick and snap and snare
and shakes of tambourines
i love you's and goodbye's
and hello's for that matter
a galaxy of everything ethereal
never-dying allways living
constantly traveling throughout time and space
Perhaps this bubble in another set of a billion Earth years
becomes a planet in a glorious birth, or a bang
a planet distant light years away from here
where when it's born there will be kicks and claps and snaps and shakes of tambourines
and everyone is singing
because of all the singing we've done here, it has to go somewhere
a planet made of music and happiness and all the good things in life
and i love you's and goodbye's
and hello's for that matter
In my daydreams I often daydream of a place
millions of light years from where I am sitting at this moment
at a computer desk, in front of a screen, typing onto this machine
and I wonder
what if?

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